Richard Newsome’s adventure series about murder, mystery and money ... lots and lots of money ... is being read around the world.

The first book in the series, The Billionaire’s Curse, sets 13-year-old Gerald Wilkins on the quest of a lifetime to find a killer and solve a thousand-year-old puzzle.

Then, The Emerald Casket, part two of the adventure, takes Gerald and his friends Sam and Ruby to exotic India, where they face down a deadly cult and uncover a hidden city in their pursuit to solve the Billionaire’s mystery.

In The Mask of Destiny, Gerald faces his deadliest foe yet, and a showdown that answers all the puzzles of the Archer Legacy. Here’s a sneak peek!

Then, a whole new adventure began with The Crystal Code, where Gerald and his friends plunge into a riddle somehow connected to a mysterious cypher manuscript that has been stolen from Yale University. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s in store for Gerald and the Valentine twins.

In The House of Puzzles, Gerald, Sam, Ruby and Felicity endure a Scottish winter at school camp only to find that the mystery of the Voynich Manuscript is far from solved, and Gerald must face a possibly fatal night in the House of Puzzles. More edge of the seat reading from the Billionaire series! And here’s a sneak peek!

And now the final chapter: The Curiosity Machine. In an epic journey of adventure from the depths of an African jungle to the bottom of the sea, Gerald and his friends reveal the truth behind an ancient message in a bottle and a madman’s plan to wreak havoc across the world. Don’t miss a moment in the final journey of the world’s youngest billionaire. Can’t wait? Then here’s a sneak peek!


The Billionaire Series